Monday, 2017 November 06

Today’s post – –

— is made up of one long single take recording which was then broken in half.

Parts A and B were played as 2 separate sources, mixed and effects applied during a new one pass recording with no edits.

Part A:

Part B:

Tuesday, 2017 October 31

Boo. As in, the displeased reaction to yesterday’s chlog entry. The same source material, this time with feeling.

Yesterday, each of the following tracks were played simultaneously on loop, mixed with effects applied. Today, the set of loops was duplicated to a second device. 8 tracks were played as before.

Sunday, 2017 October 22

For all of the illness in the world that is proven to be directly caused by Facebook or just rightfully ascribed to it, it is reassuring to know that they have made up for their past shortcomings by locking the accounts of Madame Chao and her administrators.

The world can now all breathe a sigh of relief. No longer will it be subjected to a handful of announcements from a dinky little crevice tucked away in a barely trafficked area of their site, imposing absolutely no influence of any kind on anyone. Nice job, Facebook! Now back to psychologically poisoning the planet and measuring the results.

And for good measure, choke on the sources for today’s post, Facebook.

You can hold access and user contributed content as hostages but there is no way in a million years you will get the information you seek as ransom.

Sunday, 2017 September 10

In a hand basket, Hell, goin’ there.