19OCT15 ☵☱ ⇛ ☴☵

Balls, breakin’ em.

Believed people at the well may not come to the rope of misfortune. If another exhaustion brings one thus the superior wood will go on and go over the great jug well and good. The fortune does something good almost superior to the lake of life there all flowing water encourages the man to draw and draw his stakes and work and exhort and break the increases when he get his water and his water increases and increases his water from his man increases and the image of the increases changed to break of the exhorts water down on they down the way the man decreases then decreases to exhaustion. Water flowing down over jug. Success.

Sunday, 2017 November 05

contemplations of the mentally challenged
“Why? — Why was I programmed to feel pain?”

This post is made from the following source files:

Each was recorded in one pass with no edits. They were then laid on top of one another and exported. No other changes were made.

Tuesday, 2017 October 31

Boo. As in, the displeased reaction to yesterday’s chlog entry. The same source material, this time with feeling.

Yesterday, each of the following tracks were played simultaneously on loop, mixed with effects applied. Today, the set of loops was duplicated to a second device. 8 tracks were played as before.