21AUG08 ☳☲»☲☰

Zardoz speaks to you, his chosen ones…

Go forth and kill.

21JUL18 ☱☶»☳☶

It is all Noise. Everything.

21JUN23 ☲☵»☰☰

In memory of Ned Thomas Beatty

21JUN18 ☷☱ » ☷☶

21JUN09 ☴☴ » ☵☶

“Chao, it hurts”

21MAY23 ☷☵ » ☳☵

21MAY16 ☷☶»☷☱

21MAR23 ☰☴»☷☵

“We reach a certain age where we realize we know less about life than we did at seventeen…”

In memory of Yaphet Kotto

Update: Bonus Track