This is not a Privacy Policy has neither the software devices necessary nor the interest to develop or install such devices as a means to violate your privacy. This point is moot on account of the fact that your privacy is violated in every conceivable (and inconceivable) way en route to landing on this page.

Your browser, its plugins and extensions (even the ones claiming to protect you), your computer or mobile device, its operating system, your internet service provider, the domain name system, telecommunications infrastructure including satellites, satellite dishes, terrestrial and undersea cables, switches, hubs and and the like that cumulatively compose the internet itself , wireless technologies: cellular, wi-fi and bluetooth, servers, routers and plausibly the greater part of the all the websites you visit – – every single component either physical, conceptual, electrical, digital and / or everything and anything in between taken individually as a part of the apparatus empowering your reading this very sentence – – – all or any of it – – – – – in one way or another has either been compromised; is in the process of being compromised; or will eventually be compromised in such a way as to explicitly and deceptively violate your trust. In most cases intentionally. In the remainder, accidentally with an intentional effort to never disclose the facts of such an event unless compelled to do so by some other greater threat.

Privacy Policies are an active insult to your real rights and serve only to further demonstrate disrespect and disdain for anything and everyone that stands in the way of generating a quantifiable increase in the units measured for the purposes of qualitatively dividing the subjective experience of some jackamoe or group of jackamoes so that said jackamoe or groups of jackamoes can feel superior to more of those people in his/her/their immediate vicinity.

You have no privacy. This is not a privacy policy. And that is just the way it is.