Tuesday, 2018 August 14

 Update: Thursday, 2018 November 1

The short lived volume level control has disappeared again from OS X Safari… it seems that Apple, Inc. has a hard on for taking away options and controls from users lately. Why not this: cater to the most dim witted common denominator, the autistic / fanatical visually clean UI fetishists *AND* your veteran / professional users by stripping away every useful feature but instead of trashing them, placing them all under a single, tiny, understated while still pretentious button? Like a pixellated turtle neck (a single black square) that when toggled will reveal all the features that have been systematically eliminated from the years of well developed and mature software. The tools that allow for an absolutely necessary fine degree of control can be made available for those who require them and cannot fathom how crippling software to the point of eliminating all its utilitarian value could ever have been successfully argued and implemented as an actionable plan… While remaining invisible for every other dullard that can possibly be satisfied with the ‘x’ versions of all the titles that have been bafflingly ruined by unnecessary surgical amputation.

Just a thought.

 Update: Monday, 2018 September 10

The volume level control is now available for each track. Confirmed to work with the following OS / browser combinations:

    OS X
  • Firefox
  • Safari
    Windows Crime Against Computing Version 10
  • Firefox
  • Edge
Pan control is another story. Do not know when that will come along. Meanwhile, you can play all three tracks below at once and noodle with the levels. Enjoy. But not on iOS. It has been decided for you that you should not enjoy. If you zoom in or double tap the player you will reveal the ability to mute each track but you cannot control the level. That is too much control for you. You do not want that. Apparently.
End Update

Play all or not.  Without volume and pan this really loses its appeal.


The volume control is present in editing and miraculously disappears after posting the page.  Typical screw job annoyance big tech wave of the future type shyte.  Will figure it out at some point.  Not today.

Monday, 2018 August 06

This was composed on Saturday, 2018 August 4 from various recordings made during the proceeding week.

This is something new.  below is the same audio track but this one will loop…


…now it seems that with the latest update to this web publishing software, you can finally play more than one track on a page at the same time.  So much time and effort spent in unsuccessfully trying to override the obnoxiously rational presumption that only one thing should play at once… finally, it is now a disabled “feature” apparently. 

Loop 1
Loop 2

‡  ‡  ‡

Noodle with playback of the track and each loop.  Now that the limitation is lifted, future posts will make use of the multiple track playback capability as this was intended early on but unable to be accomplished previously.  

Now if only the volume control did not suddenly disappear along with this welcome change … one might think we did not inhabit a flickering thought of a murder machine in a sudden brain spasm of some celestially suspended, constantly expanding sleeping giant dwarf.

Monday, 2018 June 11

Due to an unexpected attack by deranged virus stricken malfunctioning fecal processing robo drones, a sudden retreat was necessary this week.

This post is quick and dirty. Made from a single mobile device and repetitious re working of the same material. Live to disk, repeat with last recording as the next primary source.

The most bled through mucky version was multitracked with the previous 3 iterations and saturated with post effects further still.

It sounds like poop, mostly. But the inspiration came from the moronic robotic shit eater that forced us from the previous position in the first place.

Sunday, 2018 June 3

There would be more work applied to the file in this post if time allowed. This serves as a reminder that when your allotted time is up, your track is posted. Even if the work is not finished. Thus sayeth the lord, Jeebus. Especially if the work is not finished. Thus chimes in an angry, spiteful and petty G-d.

Lousy G-d.

Tuesday, 2018 April 24

Recorded live to disk. Single track cut into 4 pieces then multi tracked. Post effects ( flange, phase, etc ) lightly added. Some animation was applied to mixer ( gain, pan, etc ). Master track compressed and limited before export.

The sounds produced in preparing for the recording session were unlike those that made it onto disk. Don’t know where these came from… oh well, they are here now. Might as well go out of our way to make them feel unwelcome.