Thursday, 2019 June 13

This is post 4 of 5 of backlogged Chlog entries spanning 2019 June 04 to 2019 June 14.

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Thursday, 2019 June 06

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Wednesday, 2019 June 05

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Tuesday, 2019 June 04

This is post 1 of 5 of backlogged Chlog entries spanning 2019 June 04 to 2019 June 14. Each entry is made up of mostly the same source material, snowballed into itself and the proceeding entries of the set. These entries focus on newer techniques and novel configurations of gear on hand at the time. The subjective qualities of the resulting sound and compositions have not inspired any new additions to the chef’s special menu. The entries do not deserve to go in the bin either. Preserved here for posterity and to titillate the most appreciated of dedicated followers of the Chlog: the always faithful and ever present, dust ball and cricket. Without you, here would only be an inescapable omnipresent looming smog of truly and completely spirit crippling emptiness.

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