Monday, 2018 August 06

This was composed on Saturday, 2018 August 4 from various recordings made during the proceeding week.

This is something new.  below is the same audio track but this one will loop…


…now it seems that with the latest update to this web publishing software, you can finally play more than one track on a page at the same time.  So much time and effort spent in unsuccessfully trying to override the obnoxiously rational presumption that only one thing should play at once… finally, it is now a disabled “feature” apparently. 

Loop 1
Loop 2

‡  ‡  ‡

Noodle with playback of the track and each loop.  Now that the limitation is lifted, future posts will make use of the multiple track playback capability as this was intended early on but unable to be accomplished previously.  

Now if only the volume control did not suddenly disappear along with this welcome change … one might think we did not inhabit a flickering thought of a murder machine in a sudden brain spasm of some celestially suspended, constantly expanding sleeping giant dwarf.

Author: Madame L. Bronkowitz

A ghost that dreams it is alive in the form of a middle aged woman sitting at a computer pretending to be a blogger.