19OCT27 ☷☷⇢☵☲

You have been punished for your crimes that I committed against you.  Your pronounced lack of gratitude and demonstrations of affection for the care I have shown you is deeply offensive and hurtful to me
Layers of visual noise overlap and lend themselves to the spectator’s brain to invent patterns that are not there. Above the background noise a set of squares contain still frames of an animated sequence. The sequence in the squares are of a different set of visual noise. Human shapes in silhouette can be detected. There is a central human female figure surrounded by harsh light and jagged shapes. The squares are arranged in a center vertical column.

My God is All Knowing, All Seeing but for some reason is also vain, petty, vindictive and disproportionally violent when it comes to appropriate responses to someone drawing a picture of his likeness and therefore has summoned me to kill you

This image is the same as the previous one with the exception of an additional layer containing the images of hundreds of guitar effect pedals and stomp boxes from a variety of manufacturers has been superimposed over the background.

19OCT15 ☵☱ ⇛ ☴☵

Balls, breakin’ em.

Believed people at the well may not come to the rope of misfortune. If another exhaustion brings one thus the superior wood will go on and go over the great jug well and good. The fortune does something good almost superior to the lake of life there all flowing water encourages the man to draw and draw his stakes and work and exhort and break the increases when he get his water and his water increases and increases his water from his man increases and the image of the increases changed to break of the exhorts water down on they down the way the man decreases then decreases to exhaustion. Water flowing down over jug. Success.

19SEP23 ☴☶ ⤍ ☴☲

Before strengthening winds the damage away forces corruption. The supreme people move hard stirring stagnation of the sacrificial flow.  Person to person within the cosmic sweep of shore crossing days devote three hot sweeps and superior bright wood for spirit. The supreme mountain caldron accomplishment rises from far up the crossing success control. Consider positions by the fire labor to and days After.  Superior their three through the valley correctly beneath himself.

19SEP09 ☲☶⇴☲☷

The course of each day’s affair has not the keeping it veiled as they come fire illuminates the base of the deep darkness these warmth and light are swallowed by the world except the refined person realizes the mountain refined his brilliance by attending wisdom to show to move.