Sunday, 2018 January 21

This is a composite of 3 recordings made over the course of the week. The tracks were simply laid on top of one another, panned slightly and volume attenuated. No animation and no other edits.

Source material may be posted at a later time.

update: 2018 Feb 12. This post was made public today. It had been left as private and then forgotten about. There is stuttering in the audio track for a few minutes starting around 7 minutes and ending around 9 or 10 minutes. It was unintentional and the result is not appreciated. Keep it in mind and/or fast forward if it becomes too much of an annoyance.

Sunday, 2018 January 14

This is a multitrack mix of the remaining xmas and new year’s recordings. There is not enough time in any possible reality to mix this “properly”. This is the product of what time would allow for.

Screw you, time.

Friday, 2018 January 12

Ho Ho Ho.

Recordings have been piled up and keep coming since the break.  Well, a break for some.  A string of punishing trials interspersed with moments of more hurting, just phased slightly, for others.

These are raw recordings. Be mindful you don’t prick yourself on the rough edges.






_ + ‡ + _ + ‡ + _

2017-12-25 through 2017-12-31 laid on top of one another.

Sunday, 2017 December 10

“…Try not to suck too much detergent.”

This is bookended by themes created by taking tiny portions of the song, “Living in the USA” by the band, D.I.

There is no way anyone anywhere could confuse this entirely new composition as being an attempt to deceive the listener into thinking they have no further reason to consume the original source on its own, nor duck out on paying full current market price while doing so.

Tuesday, 2017 December 05

After a couple of days and many failed attempts, satisfaction has not been reached.

This is a cut-up that was to be the main theme of this week’s post.

It did not translate well through the noise. Here it is, as it is. Moving on.

A fitting example of why all sentiment, both supposedly negative and the even more toxic presumptuously positive types, ought to be whitewashed from one’s mind in the first place. Preferably with the exclusive use of Madame Chao® brand audio noise mental hygiene products, paid for in full at retail price.

Sunday, 2017 November 26

“Ear Nose Throat Teeth Eyeballs II”

Monday, 2017 November 20

“Ear Nose Throat Teeth Eyeballs I”

Sunday, 2017 November 12

Insert text here

Post the source files? Don’t post the source files? Do we care? Dunno. Maybe later.

Monday, 2017 November 06

Today’s post – –

— is made up of one long single take recording which was then broken in half.

Parts A and B were played as 2 separate sources, mixed and effects applied during a new one pass recording with no edits.

Part A:

Part B: