2022: The Year in Reverse, 22JUL23

“The sound represents the end event in a galactic contest of wills between extraordinary combatants.  The listener is invited to imagine themselves having just lost in a crushing defeat.  What if it was your face in the dirt?  What if you were not certain of the severity of your injuries at the same time you were beginning to lose consciousness?  

“This piece is dedicated to the memory of Dr. JKR.  Finally, you can rest in peace.  And I can get back to being a young single girl.”

Composition by Madame Chao. 

This is part of the Obsolete Sounds project, the world’s biggest collection of disappearing sounds and sounds that have become extinct – remixed and reimagined to create a brand new form of listening. Explore the whole project at https://citiesandmemory.com/obsolete-sounds