Sunday, 2017 October 15

American Cancer Society is a carcinogen.

Sunday, 2017 October 8

Whoop-dee-do to the world! Whoop-dee-do, Mr.
Florist. Whoop-dee-do, Mr. Physical Trainer.
Whoop-dee-do, Mr.President. Whoop-dee-do, Tarantula Town.

Sunday, 2017 September 24

Look at the mental retard.

Sunday, 2017 September 17

It is all noise.

Sunday, 2017 September 10

In a hand basket, Hell, goin’ there.

Sunday, 2017 September 3

Feelin’ fine.

Sunday, 2017 August 27

At its core, common communication is itself crippled. Based on an innate shared presumption of lies.

Sunday, 2017 August 20

Windows 10 is a crime against humanity.