madame chao Bangkok 2 film fest award


July 23, 2015. Madame Chao has received an award. The video entitled, "MNEMONIC DEVICE" authored as NECRO NATAL was honored as best animation at the Bangkok Filmmakers 2 Minute Film Festival.

Chaorin videos will continue to remain with the problematic cylindrical pronoun website for no other reason than total apathy. The new archive is currently being built at a glacial pace for similar reasons. It can be found by click of the button below.



Active living motion picture sonic divinator. Noise occultist. Public introspective exorcist demonstrator. Group projected aggressive dimensional evacuation guide. Host to virtual and in person peer driven methodical self centred sour smash ego erasure session training. Encompassing the finite detail in each and umpteenth aspect of the concept of nothing. Not doing everything always for no reason. Increasing iterations of pattern based change with a portion of one self feeding and consuming the same source. Leading one in all from the being in to the perception of the filtration of what really is by many means many means many mean violence jarring breaks in comprehension spiralling onwards indifferently.


madame chao tv set displaying picture of undead person with screwdriver in ear


A Random Highlight from Our Back Catalogue: How Would It Feel?

Here is a track cobbled together just about 9 years ago. It can be described as, "not so bad really" considering that it represents a genre that inherently sucks in its essential nature. The last sample was supposed to be a secret message to THE TYRANT, to whom the track was dedicated to at the time it was finalized. Fairly certain this is still an undelivered message.



video still frame viewer


* * * MCPong * * *

(Old School Pong force fed broken glass ; regurgitated)

Update: Audio no longer woking with Safari on iOS due to another inevitable non-backwards-compatible revision by Apple. Try Chrome.

Coming Eventually: Robnorot 4082

(Robotron rewritten by Madame Chao's Master Control Program)